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"Because the whole is nothing more than the sum of its parts"

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CNC Machining

The machinists at Hancock Precision, Inc. are armed with years of experience and industry “know-how” that provides them the ability to quickly and competently turn out single prototype parts or complete production runs within tight deadlines.  Our CNC mills with multiple tool changers and turning centers with up to twelve position turrets are connected directly to a CAM station, so time is not wasted in the programming phase of production. With Gibbs programming we are able to generate programs directly from customers’ prints.

 In conjunction with these programmable CNCs, Hancock employs several manual machines, including mills, lathes, grinders, inspection tools, and welding equipment, which the machinists can use where necessary to ensure that your job is completed in a professional and timely manner.


At Hancock Precision, we turn an idea into a reality.  From your blueprint or electronic file, we can craft a product that is not only cost effective, but also true to your concept and appealing to the eye.

Inspection and Quality Control

Hancock Precision is in the business of securing repeat customers and that means that we do everything in our power to ensure that we are sending you the product that you ordered, exactly as you specified, each and every time.  Inspection is not a one-time, end of the cycle event at Hancock.  It occurs multiple times throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the piece packaged is of the highest quality and truly “made to order.”

Production Runs

Whether cut from aluminum, steel, stainless, plastic, copper or brass, when you need parts done right and done now, Hancock Precision is there for you.  For small runs of ten or twenty to those in the thousands, our trusted employees and machines can handle the jobs swiftly and accurately.  We will even maintain blanket orders.

Seal of Approval

The machinists at Hancock Precision, Inc. are proud of the work that we do and we show it.  Nearly every part that leaves our door is engraved with the part number and the company’s initials.